How We Support Families

St. Vincent Family Services is deeply rooted in its commitment to supporting the well-being, safety and social-emotional health needs of children and their families across Ohio. We support children between the ages of 0-17 to succeed at home, at school and in life by providing best-in-class prevention, early intervention and social-emotional services.

We offer families a comprehensive, full-service range of youth behavioral health services, including telehealth, 24/7 residential care, individual and family counseling, St. Vincent Prep Academy, and in-home and in-school care – all guided by our valued and trusted experts. We also match children in Ohio who need a place of respite and stability with foster parents who provide loving, nurturing temporary homes.

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To make an appointment, use this form or contact us at 614-824-KIDS (5437).

“St. Vincent has improved my children’s lives! We are better communicators and listeners. We all are developing our own coping tools. My boys have all improved significantly in school. I feel like each staff member cares about us. Thank You!”

—St. Vincent Family Services family