How We Support Families

Our trauma-informed health professionals identify, address and safely treat psychiatric emergencies in children and adults. Our team understands that families play an important role in addressing health care needs, so we include your family in each step of our care continuum.

We use an integrated health care approach to treatment, providing:

  • Access to an on-site pediatric psychiatrist
  • Access to nursing care 7-days/week, in-person or over the phone
  • A focus on treating the whole person, both mentally and physically

Psychiatric services at St. Vincent Family Services include psychiatric evaluations, medication management and ongoing follow-up visits.

Our health professionals are equipped with years of pediatric and behavioral health care experience and work collaboratively to deliver care with an increased sensitivity to child development. Our diverse team of health professionals includes registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and pediatric psychiatrists.

To schedule a confidential assessment with our health care experts, call 614-824-5437 or submit our Make an Appointment form.

To download information about our Psychiatric Care and Medication Management Services, click here.

“St. Vincent Family Services has helped us a great deal with our grandchild with the help of his counselors and the doctor and all of the staff. SVFS made us and my grandson look forward to his appointment, with the all-around care and friendly environment.”

–St. Vincent Family Services family