About St. Vincent Family Services

In 1875, a group of kindhearted nuns created a special home in the Near East Side neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio, dedicated to receiving and caring for orphans and children in need. Nearly one hundred years later, their loving home merged with the Columbus Children’s Psychiatric Hospital, evolving into a unique residential and daytime mental health and behavioral health treatment center exclusively for children and youth.

We have since evolved into St. Vincent Family Services, one of Ohio’s leading providers in pediatric behavioral healthcare, serving children from pre-school through high school and their families.

We offer families a comprehensive, full-service range of youth behavioral health services, including telehealth, 24/7 residential care, individual and family counseling, and in-home and in-school care – all guided by our behavioral health professionals.

St. Vincent Family Services understands that every child’s circumstance and need is unique, and we work closely with families to select the best treatment for their child while also providing support and encouragement to the caregiver.

We specialize in increasing positive behaviors in children, strengthening family relationships, and working with families affected by trauma across Ohio. We also work collaboratively with community partners to ensure comprehensive, quality care to the children, teens and families we serve.

We are proud to deliver quality care to thousands of children, families and partners each year – on-site in our Children’s Residential Treatment Center, in our classrooms at St. Vincent Prep Academy, inside schools and early learning centers and across the state through outpatient consultation, therapy and counseling.