About Prep Academy

If your child is experiencing behavioral or emotional difficulties, St. Vincent Family Services is here to provide social-emotional support for students. St. Vincent Prep Academy is a full-service accredited school that combines academics with childhood mental health treatment from pre-school through elementary school. We offer smaller class sizes and a teacher-to-child ratio proven to be ideal for every child to thrive.

Our team of pediatric behavioral health experts includes teachers, behavioral specialists and clinicians who work together to provide comprehensive, individualized care to each student and family. At St. Vincent Prep Academy, students learn the social emotional skills needed to return to their home school able to successfully interact in the classroom and achieve their academic goals.

20,000 square-foot, state of the art center

17 spacious classrooms

Natural lighting, quiet observation areas and sensory rooms

Free breakfast and lunch 

Round-trip transportation

Access to on-site pediatric psychiatry services

Childhood Mental Health Support For Pre-Schoolers

Comprehensive early childhood well-being consists of physical and mental health, cognitive functioning, and social and emotional development, and has strong links to long-term outcomes such as educational attainment and mental health.

St. Vincent Family Services is committed to supporting the well-being, safety and social-emotional health needs of very young children. Because of the complexities of children’s needs and the long-term impact on their mental health if behavioral issues are left unresolved, St. Vincent Family Services offers a year-round pre-school, St. Vincent Pre-School Prep Academy, for children ages 6 and under.

St. Vincent Pre-School Prep Academy prepares children for kindergarten by teaching both foundational academic skills as well as therapeutic techniques to better manage emotions and actions. We offer a structured classroom environment with two staff dedicated to 10 children who learn positive behaviors, social development and problem-solving skills.

“I love all of the employees of St. Vincent, especially the front desk ladies and my counselor. St. Vincent has made my life so much easier with all of the help with my child.”

– St. Vincent Family Services family

Childhood Mental Health Support For School-Age Children & Pre-Teens

At St. Vincent Family Services, we know that children in elementary and middle school may experience more frequent conflicts and greater learning loss if social-emotional health issues are not treated appropriately. In some cases, this may lead to children paying less attention in school, letting their grades suffer, and dropping out of sports or other favorite activities.

St. Vincent Prep Academy offers structured, low-ratio classrooms for children and youth between the ages of 6 ½ to 12 experiencing emotional and behavioral difficulties who have struggled to learn in other classrooms. We provide a holistic, therapeutic approach to a student’s learning experience, bringing teachers, behavior specialists and clinicians together to create a care plan that’s best for each student and family.

At St. Vincent Prep Academy, we strive to help children and pre-teens think clearly, develop socially and learn new skills to establish self-confidence, high self-esteem and a healthy emotional outlook on life.

“We cannot say enough about the experience we have had at St. Vincent Prep Academy. It’s been life altering. The Prep Academy staff have been an integral part of our son’s recovery and continued education.”

– St. Vincent Family Services family