OhioRISE Care Coordination

OhioRISE is a Medicaid program in Ohio designed to help young people with significant behavioral health issues succeed in their schools, homes, and communities.

“RISE” stands for “Resilience through Integrated Systems and Excellence,” highlighting the program’s mission to provide comprehensive care that meets the needs of each unique individual.

St. Vincent Family Services is proud to partner with OhioRISE and local care management entities to provide children and families with comprehensive, coordinated care.

Resuqest a CANS Assessment to see if your child qualifies for OhioRISE services.

Benefits of Care Coordination

Benefits of the OhioRISE Care Coordination include:

  • Improved mental health outcomes (youth and caregiver)
  • Improved functioning in school and community
  • Improved resilience and quality of life
  • Referrals to specialized service providers
  • Access to funds and resources to support the youth and family
  • Enhanced effectiveness of services and supports, individual and as a family

“Care coordination is important because many families may not know about the services and resources available to them. Many may not know how to navigate the systems or have the bandwidth to set up a service or gather resources. That’s where a Care Coordinator comes in. Care Coordinators are the extra level of support, sent to help develop a team of individuals that wrap around the family in order to build a more sustainable life that the family and child deserve.”

– Care Coordination Provider

Who may benefit from OhioRISE?

OhioRISE serves young people who are dealing with behavioral health challenges. These children/youth may need extra support and could be at risk for out-of-home placement or deeper system involvement due to:

  • Mental health needs
  • Substance use challenges
  • Autism or other developmental disabilities
  • Juvenile court involvement
  • Situations that lead to child protective services involvement
  • Difficulty with peer and/or family relationships
  • Problems at school

How does OhioRISE help youth with behavioral health needs?

OhioRISE provides support for behavioral health concerns through “care coordination.” An OhioRISE enrollee and their caregiver/family are paired with a care coordinator who assists them by:

  • Designing a care plan that builds on the young person and their caregiver/family’s strengths, needs, culture, and vision
  • Building a care team that collaborates to prioritize child/youth and caregiver/family voice and choice
  • Connecting a child/youth to treatment services and resources
  • Ensuring all needed services are received and barriers to care are removed

What does OhioRISE cover?

The program provides new and improved behavioral health services including:

  • Intensive in-home and crisis services
  • Outpatient services, such as individual and group counseling
  • Inpatient mental health and substance use care at hospitals
  • Behavioral health respite, which is temporary relief for a child/youth’s caregiver(s)
  • Primary flex funds, which is funding for services or items to help address a need in a young person’s care plan

What is a CANS assessment?

The Ohio Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment is a tool used to determine eligibility for OhioRISE. The CANS assessment also:

  • Gathers the young person and their caregiver/family’s story.
  • Helps understand the young person and their caregiver/family’s needs and strengths.
  • Guides the best ways to provide support.
  • Assists with ongoing care planning.

The CANS assessment is updated regularly to make sure the child/youth’s needs are being met.

Young people can be eligible for OhioRISE if they are:

  • Between the ages of 0-20
  • Eligible for Medicaid, and
  • Need significant behavioral health treatment, as measured by the Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment (CANS)

Children/youth may also be eligible because of certain urgent conditions. For example, if a child/youth is in a hospital for behavioral health reasons.

Request a CANS assessment to see if your child qualifies for OhioRISE services.